Joe Zhou

Joe lives and breathes architecture. For him, it’s not just a job – it’s a way of life.

He has worked for a variety of industry-leading firms, including the RMJM UK Shanghai Branch, for more than 12 years.

During this time, Joe has created a reputable name for himself as an expert in architecture, especially when it comes to explaining and modifying designs based on unique client requirements.

From 1,135,786 m2 residential apartments and multi-level complexes to luxury buildings in heavily populated Shanghai neighbourhoods, Joe has experience in a vast range of architectural projects, and has proven his irrefutable skill time and time again in all of them.

After six years working in Shanghai, Joe transitioned to New Zealand in 2013, where he gained a thorough appreciation and understanding of the Auckland Unitary Plan.

During his time here, he has already worked on more than 600 challenging and rewarding projects throughout the city, including functional multi-level mixed-use buildings, and beautiful sixteen-unit terrace houses.

For most architects, these high-density designs represent something of an unwelcome challenge. The heavy constraints on physical space and potential design can make these projects more of a nightmare than a dream job for many professionals, whereas Joe thrives on this challenging, city environment. He expertly assists clients to develop the most profitable, efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing architectural solutions possible, despite the spatial constraints.

His natural and strong communication skills, paired with his effective team management experience, make him a fundamental and treasured team member. His extensive industry knowledge and experience in the design and construction process is second-to-none, and his expert skills in development strategy and project management make him an invaluable source of information and inspiration on any architectural project.

During the time Joe has spent in Auckland, he has also developed a network of professional connections and personal relationships with clients and industry experts, which allows him to maintain an up-to-date understanding of the latest trends and movements in the local architecture industry.


Opal Zhu

Opal holds the esteemed title of Managing Director of OZAC Architects.

Her career began with a Masters of Architecture in China, before flourishing with over a decade in the architecture industry. She trained at RMJM – one of the former Big Ten architecture firms in the world – and began her esteemed career at 10 Design.

Eventually, Opal relocated to New Zealand, where she founded OZAC Architects, and has worked ever since managing the internal affairs of the company, and developing the progressive administration system that supports OZAC’s immeasurable growth and success.

Opal isn’t just an expert in architecture, but a skilled and experienced professional in company law and tax, making her the perfect leader to run the financial and operational management of OZAC.

ANZIA, RAIA, M.Arch(Hons)

Tom Jing

Tom brings a wealth of invaluable international and local experience to the team,and is a registered architect in both New Zealand and Australia. He is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) and the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA).

He has spent over two decades in the industry, building a portfolio of professional experience in Australia, New Zealand, and China. In total, Tom has delivered over one million square metres of successful, innovative architectural projects.

Thanks to his dedication to delivering projects of exceptional quality, Tom has won multiple prestigious awards in international design competitions, despite being up against some of the most well known and regarded architects in the world.

While Tom is highly skilled in all key areas of architecture, one of his most outstanding talents lies in creating additional value not just in the design itself, but in the management of the entire project development process.

Tom’s immense and deeply impressive portfolio includes a wide variety of projects, from luxury residences to affordable properties with maximum cost effectiveness.

ANZIA, RAIA, M.Arch(Hons)

Richard Tam

Richard is a New Zealand-educated honours graduate, and is a member of both the esteemed New Zealand Institute of Architects, and the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. He is also registered in both countries.

Over the space of the last 20 years, Richard has efficiently led talented design teams on a variety of high-profile projects in Australia and China. He focuses on medium-to-large scale mixed-use projects, and on urban design, both of which he excels in.

Currently, Richard is exploring innovations in prefabrication construction methodologies for multi-unit, multi-level building typologies.


Sam Peng

Sam is one of OZAC’s treasured Principals, and comes with a raft of architectural design expertise that he has earned during more than a decade working in New Zealand and China.

His experience includes residential spaces, commercial projects, hotels, and office spaces. His skills in these areas are renowned, and he has a particular interest in tackling especially challenging residential projects, all the while building meaningful and lasting relationships with clients and consultants alike.

Sam is a registered architect in China, and before he started at OZAC, he worked for JAE in Shanghai and TZTW in Tianjin. This experience saw him leading a number of prestigious projects, including the Phicomm Communication R&D Centre, and the Tianjin Municipal Party School.

In New Zealand, Sam’s current projects continue to highlight his effortless architectural talents. These include The Glen, a 76-unit apartment in Glenfield, and the Hewlett development, a 36-unit KiwiBuild terrace house in Massey.


Vincent Dai

Vincent is the Project Lead on the Building Consent team at OZAC Architects, and is responsible for resolving technical difficulties at any point during a project. He deftly solves construction-related problems, and expertly manages projects from the Building Consent team.

Vincent’s current projects include a beautiful 9-unit terraced house on TeKanawa Crescent, a 16-unit terraced home in St Lukes, and a luxurious high-end development in stunning Mission Bay.


Taylor Feng

Taylor is an exceptional and rare talent who is most passionate about developing dazzling building façades. She believes that every great architect should strive to provide the best service possible, and that truly good designs lead to a better quality of life.

She is currently working with OZAC Architects’ respected Scheme Design team. Prior to her work with us, Taylor worked as a draftsperson, practicing and improving her skills and knowledge in building consent applications and honing her communication skills.

Taylor has already worked on – and made wonderful contributions to – the design of more than 30 homes.

B Urb Plan

Spin Lin

Spin is a respected and experienced Design Manager at OZAC Architects, and is responsible for leading and mentoring each Scheme Design team member to ensure everyone is highly motivated, supported, and efficient in everything they do.

Spin began his career with a Bachelor of Urban Planning from the prestigious Shenzhen University of China, and has worked in the industry for more than seven years. He has comprehensive knowledge in urban planning and in architectural and interior design thanks to years of working on a variety of rewarding projects, including residential and public buildings.

Prior to joining the team at OZAC, Spin worked for ZHUBO DESIGN GROUP in Shenzhen and Chongqing, China. He worked in the distinguished role of Project Manager for multiple large assignments, such as the Chinese International Conference Centre in Guangan, the Longfor Starlight Elementary School Renovation Development, and Merchants Chongqing Jinshan YiKu Phase II Development.